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If you are looking for a job opportunity, check out these websites to find job leads in education. If you are an educator who is looking for a stable job in the field of education, the internet is often one of the best resources for seeking employment. EducationCrossing This site is a widely used job search website for educators.

They offer free search services, which is why it has become popular for teaching professionals as they can use this site whenever they need to look for new career opportunities.

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K12jobspot Teachers-Teachers. It has almost two thousand school systems and over half a million users, making it one of the most comprehensive education recruitment services on the internet today.

Users can use the recruitment service for free or they can pay a subscription fee should they choose to upgrade to a premium account. Many languages on the blackboard.

Ask around for people who have taught there — what are the challenges, and opportunities? My favorite web resource for all things international education? Ready to jump in?

When you do find your teaching job in Europe, please come back and share your experiences with us! And when you've found your job, here's how to find fellow expats Skip to main content.

Do your research Do you want to take a sabbatical year, or teach in a location for longer? Pay attention to timing for teaching jobs in Europe School years run on different schedules, all around the world. Look at Eastern Europe There are often less-stringent regulations and more opportunities for foreign teachers, as well as more scarcity of educators circling around to the more opportunities.

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Do your due diligence Ask around for people who have taught there — what are the challenges, and opportunities? Note: originally published in , updated in Popular Tags. Wandering Educators. I'm a White House Travel Blogger. Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner. Through the eyes of an educa Best Of Stories.

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