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8 tips to finding a good marriage counselor in Washington DC

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This will allow you to clarify your own wishes and goals. Fundamentally, he or she should have YOUR best interests at heart.

Marriage counseling | Washington DC

Because what is optimal for one member of a couple is not always optimal for the other, your marriage counselor or couples therapist should not be treating you, or your significant other, individually. If your therapist offers to do so, warning bells should go off in your head. When, inevitably, tensions rise in couples therapy, the counselor should work to create an atmosphere in which couples listen to each other.

This means, at times, stopping a raging partner so that both partners can listen to each other. It means helping spouses to establish boundaries. While this is easier with some couples than with others if a marriage counselor consistently can not take charge of the consulting room this can be problematic for the marriage therapy.

Find someone who can be firm, in a caring way, when necessary. All good marriage therapists have to take sides from time to time. Find a good marriage counselor or couples therapist who is consistently on the side of the health of the relationship. Physical abuse is never O. And, uncontrolled screaming rages or running out of the room in the middle of sessions, if unaddressed, can be destructive to the work.

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So, find a good marriage counselor or couples therapist who can set appropriate boundaries on this behavior and try to understand it. If this is an ongoing dynamic, it could get in the way of getting the marital help that you need. Although some couples wish that they could improve their relationship without examining it, there are no magic elixirs. A neglect of any of these areas is likely to yield a less than comprehensive result.

Ideally, you should bring this up. Research shows that more couples break up over financial conflicts than sexual ones.

Like sex, a couples relationship with money is often emblematic of other marital difficulties. Our therapists understand the unique situations that couples can face. Our Washington DC marriage counseling therapists truly listen and are sensitive to your needs. Call us and take advantage of our complimentary consultation either over the phone or in person. Couples counseling is the main specialty at our Washington DC marriage counseling practice. For the quality Washington DC marriage counseling that will be a relationship changer, call us.

Our Washington DC marriage counseling practice believes wholly in the institution of marriage.