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See the pricing schedule for credits. Improvement Sketches , where available in Fayette County, TX, are small drawings showing the outer dimensions of the improvement found on the property. These are usually residential homes, but sketches for some commercial buildings may be available. Sketches are useful in determining the square footage and footprint of a building or improvement. View a sample sketch report.

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Improvement Sketches cost 4 credits per sketch. Delinquent Tax Data products must be purchased over the phone. Call us at for delinquent data pricing today. Enter your search terms on the Search tab.

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If too many results are found, come back and add more search fields to narrow down your results. Pro members can view search results on the county map, and use drawing tools to limit results to defined areas. View your search results in a list format. When you're ready, download the list to your computer. April 2 - April Taxpayers may appeal to local boards of review. May 1 - May Local boards of review consider appeals.

June Local boards of review submit reports to Director. July 1. Assessors submit abstracts of the assessments to the Director. August The Director issues tentative equalization orders to county auditors.

The Director holds equalization hearings, which are held for public input. October 1.

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  5. The Director issues final equalization orders to county auditors. October 2 - Assessing jurisdictions may apply for alternative methods of implementing equalization orders. The county auditor publishes notices of final equalization order. October 15 - November Local boards of review meet to hear equalization protests.

    Attention Property owners seeking to enroll for the 2017 property tax season:

    October 16 - Taxpayers may protest the final equalization order to the local boards of review. November 1. Kentucky property tax laws establish the assessment date as January 1, and all property in the Commonwealth of Kentucky is assessed at fair cash value as of that date. Ownership of property for tax purposes is also January 1. If a property is purchased after that date, state statute requires the tax bill to be issued in the name of the January 1 owner.

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