Dilated peoples search 4 bobby fisher

Well you got him.

Dilated Peoples

It's always your type, itchy and quick to bust off Ruin the party, "Soliloquy of Chaos" In this verse, jumpin jacks a little warm up There'll be no bullshit, there'll be no hit chorus Diss my crew? Yo, you won't go far The truth is I'm about as much from Detroit as you are I'm rackin up points, shit cat I'm scorin You ain't a true tiger, liar, you from Warren A trailer trash town where daddy stuck it to ya That's why you hate your mother cause she never tried to stop it Twenty years later you're still out of luck I met this chick you took home on tour, but couldn't get it up Alert!

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Search 4 Bobby Fisher

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Evidence - Searching 4 Bobby Fisher [Full 12"]

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Dilated Peoples – Search 4 Bobby Fisher Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Phil da agony interlude feat. Pay attention.

Search 4 bobby fisher. This lyrics is incorrect? But none the less You wanna start lettin off buckshots, cats gotta retaliate Y'all callin out Ev? Well you got him [Evidence] Yo, a blonde fag took my kindness for a weakness But instead of comin hard threw a weak diss Twelve of his friends at first I was speechless Is it cause you lack pussy or lack uniqueness?

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