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You can choose to print your own pre-paid label at home or we'll even send you a BuyBackWorld Shipping Kit directly to your front door. Once you've received our shipping kit or printed your own labels, simply pack your items up and bring them to your local Post Office or drop them in any blue mailbox. Your shipment is fully tracked at every step of the way and we'll let you know as soon as we receive it.

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This is your money so choose how you want to receive it. We know time is money so we pay quick and issue payment within two business days of inspection. Once your device is received, we check that your order is complete and your items match the condition you described. If everything matches up, we make payment within two days of inspection. One you complete your online sales order, we'll send you a FREE shipping kit within 24 hours.

The pack can take business days to reach you. Simply print your labels, affix them to any box, and drop your package into any mailbox or bring it to your nearest Post Office. What Are Others Saying?

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During this process, you can request to have BuyBackWorld mail you a free shipping kit or package your smart phone with your own packing materials. Our smartphone trade-in program buys thousands of different models. You can also contact our customer service department for a custom quote if you cannot find your phone model or wish to sell in bulk.

What happens when I sell my Cell Phone? Once you send in your smartphone, we'll inspect your device to make sure it matches the condition you stated. If our inspection team disagrees with your assessment, you will be sent a revised price quote offer, which you can accept or reject. If you reject the revised trade in value, your device will be sent back to you free of charge. Our trained electronics technicians will also perform a data wipe and factory reset on your phone.

We recycle cell phones that have resale zero value. Our program makes it super easy for your to exchange your old cell phones for money! Our cell phone and electronics buy back program supports over 10, different devices across 20 different categories.

6 Best Hacking Books You Must Read to be a Hacker | FromDev

Email Address. Instead of dealing with individual concepts in-depth, this book will provide you with a wholesome picture of hacking. This book deals with Penetration Testing by making use of the open source Metasploit Framework testing. It is suitable for readers who have no prior knowledge of Metasploit. The tutorial-like style of the book makes you learn things by doing them. Right from the beginning, this book gives you what you need, without wasting time in unnecessary justifications.

Instead of explaining only theoretical concepts, the book consists of finely tuned and crystal clear tutorials.

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It provides a good mix of basics and high level knowledge and works cohesively with the reader. This is undoubtedly one of the most well written books of all times. It provides crisp and clear writing with relevant examples along with a humorous touch to enliven the dry and mundane subject. The contents of the book are well organized in a neither too chatty nor too dry manner.

However, you require some basic networking background to derive full benefits from this book. This certification book is easy to read, straightforward and explains some of the complex topics in an excellent manner. All you need to do in order to pass the test is to read the book and do the practice exercises. So, if you wish to straightaway get down to the study material without wasting time on esoteric gibberish, this is the book for you. Although, hacking may sound like an interesting area of study, when it comes to the application of the various concepts of penetration testing, it is easier said than done. In addition to having an educational background in the field of computer science, the hackers must have an affinity for learning and acquiring new skills on an ongoing basis.

Also, the ethical hackers must possess out-of-the-box thinking so that they are able to come with a maximum number of possible ways of designing and securing a computer system. Top Ads.

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Label Links Tutorials. Freebies eBooks Icons Themes. Looking for the best hacking books? We have short listed some of the highly recommended books for beginners and advanced hackers.

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The ethical hacking books may help you get the best security professional job you aspire. The job of an ethical hacker is to perform hacking to protect from crackers unethical hackers.

Some of these hacking books for beginners are about basic concepts, whereas other books focus on more advanced hacking techniques that experienced hacker can use. Hacking is considered to be a two-way tool wherein a computer system is penetrated either to make it more secure or to create mischief.