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Sealed, stamped plans will be required for all commercial jobs and residences over square feet. An architect's or engineer's seal and signature is required. Truss certifications for all structures using purchased trusses. If your project is within feet of a lake or stream, OR if you are disturbing more than one acre of earth, then contact the County's Soil Erosion Control Officer at An Electrical Permit may be necessary.

Permit Application Expiration

A Plumbing Permit may be necessary. Homeowners may take out their permits only if they are actually doing the work. Please contact the Charlevoix County Road Commission at if driveway culverts need to be installed or if a driveway permit is necessary. If you have a concern about a dead tree, the community standards officer will inspect the tree in question and determine if it must be removed.

This means it must have a valid registration, and be able to be started and driven legally on the road. If a vehicle is not registered, or is not able to operate, it must be stored within an enclosed building or removed from the property. All accessory buildings must receive zoning approval for the placement of the building. All accessory buildings over square feet in size are required to get a building permit and a Type 1 Special Use Permit from the Planning Commission.

All Accessory Buildings over Sq. Generally, you may install up to a four-foot tall fence in any front yard area. In the side or rear yard, you may install up to a six-foot tall fence.

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All fences must be located entirely on your property and may not obstruct the view of any adjacent roads or driveways. All support structures for the fence must be located facing the property to whom the fence belongs. No barbed wire fencing is permitted. Building Permits are not required for fence installation.

Swimming pools must be located in the side or rear yard. A ten-foot setback must be maintained between any side or rear property line and the water's edge. A barrier in compliance with the State Building code must surround all swimming pools. The Cascade Township Sign Ordinance specifically prohibits the placement of any temporary signs in the township. This includes banner signs and trailer signs.

Real estate signs are permitted provided they are located on the property that is for sale. See page 5 of Zoning Ordinance to be directed to the zoning map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Burning brush is allowed in Cascade Township. Cascade Township is divided into two areas, restricted and non-restricted. Review the Burn Ordinance for more information including but not limited to timeframes. Yes, with a pre-approved outdoor fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces may be used for recreational fires within both restricted and non-restricted areas of Cascade Township.

Regulations, Services & Permits

Again, outdoor fireplaces must be pre-approved prior to burning. In addition, there is no burning brush in the outdoor fireplace s. We request all Cascade Township residents to please call Fire Station 1 at in order to notify us of when you will be conducting a recreational fire. We have a community C. This program is coordinated by Fire Fighter James Walker. You may contact him by calling We enjoy visitors at our stations. We also enjoy visiting you at an event or your neighborhood block parties. You can arrange a tour of one of our two stations as well by calling We only respond emergency red lights and sirens to actual emergency calls.

Sometimes when we are responding to a call we are cleared or downgraded to non-emergency no red lights and sirens because the situation is no longer an emergency. Another reason this may occur is that our presence is no longer needed.


One of the most important areas of concern! You are supposed to slow down, move to the right and yield the right-of-way please ensure you exercise caution. It is also helpful to make eye contact with the emergency vehicle driver. Once the emergency vehicle has reached you do not make any sudden movements. This is very important at intersections. The emergency vehicle driver will try and guide the emergency vehicle through the traffic in order for them to pass through safely. Carbon Monoxide CO is a colorless odorless gas produced by incomplete combustion.

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CO can be produced by a number of things including but not limited to: an automobile, furnace, gas dryer or water heater. CO attaches itself to the red blood cells while displacing the oxygen that is normally carried by these cells.

CO builds in the body cumulatively over time. Therefore, a small dose over a long period of time can be just as dangerous as a large dose over a short period of time. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Certificates of Occupancy. Livingston County.


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Page Content. When applying for a Certificate of Occupancy, there are certain conditions that must first be met prior to actually submitting your application. Applications may be submitted only after the following conditions have been met: 1.