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They were married for forty years and had two children, Yvonne Hutchins and Lyman M; one grandson, Imar; and one granddaughter, Ayelet. He moved to Louisville, Kentucky in the spring of at the insistence of his sister, Louisvillian Cornelia Blue. He started teaching History at the racially segregated Central High School that fall and spent the next forty years as a public and parochial school educator. Johnson was very active within his community.

He was an elected member of the Jefferson County Board of Education from to Johnson was also a member of the Kentucky Civil Liberties Union Board for twelve years and Secretary for two years and active on numerous other boards and committees within the city and state.


Johnson was also a founding member of the Board of the J. Blanton House, a senior residence sponsored by his fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha. Lyman Johnson was a leader in the successful local struggle to equalize African-American and white teachers' salaries in In he fought successfully in federal court for admission to the all-white University of Kentucky and was also a Plaintiff in the federal court case that led to further integration of Louisville and Jefferson County Public Schools.

Johnson also engaged in the struggle for civil rights for African-Americans in libraries, parks, theaters, public accommodations, and residential housing. Johnson received over awards and recognitions including four Honorary Doctor of Letters degrees from the University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, Spalding University, and Bellarmine University. There are also awards, scholarships, parades, and a public school named in his honor. The Lyman T. Johnson Papers consist of twenty boxes of material totaling approximately There are biographical and topical files, clipping and reference files, audio and video tapes, yearbooks, photos, plaques and awards, and diplomas.

The news clippings—originally found in three-ringed binders--are frequently stapled to sheets of scrap paper which in some cases are themselves historically significant. The clippings reach back to the s but the bulk hails from the s to s. The biographical and topical files are equally expansive ranging from a few news articles from the s to a booklet on the Kentucky Education Reform Act KERA in the s. Those files include clippings from a wide variety of sources, flyers, correspondence, funeral programs, items of family and personal history, and miscellanea.

Lyman T.

Johnson, the historian, clearly organized and preserved this treasure trove of personal and topical documentation with an eye toward future researchers. For the most part, Lyman Johnson's unique system of arrangement for his papers, where most items or files have been assigned a name and a number, has been respected. Also, whenever possible, the original file folders and file envelopes have been retained.

In the Indexed files and Tennessee subseries, for instance, each number deals with a specific name or topic. The complex system designates the first file within a s base numbering arrangement e. At the beginning of that larger Biographical and Topical subseries, a compilation of those topics and their corresponding numbers has been gathered into both a numerical and topical listing photocopied from Mr. Johnson's original "home-made notecards. The archival processor discerned some patterns in the Johnson filing system for example, the s mainly deal with schools and churches while the s deal with Central High School , but frequently a pattern was indiscernible.

Use of the Johnson filing system is made additionally challenging by the fact that the family has retained certain files, and that the Unnumbered Files subseries appears to follow an earlier, lost classification scheme. The archivist returned duplicates and routine medical and financial records to the family and numbered files found stuffed in binders were filed in appropriate Indexed Files Subseries I: A. On the other hand, Series I: C "Binders" remains intact though the materials were removed for preservation purposes from their original binders and placed in file folders.

In some instances numbered single items found in a s base aggregate file were moved to an appropriate free standing topical file within the same numerical series. There are numerous instances within the original numbering system where information is found in several locations. In a few instances, when items appeared to be misplaced or overlooked for inclusion in Lyman Johnson's filing system, the archivist provided an appropriate numerical or topical designation.

When a spouse is not listed in the index but the file clearly contains information about them the spouse's name was added. A majority of the file folders have writing on the index tab provided by Lyman T. Johnson or a family member. Several volumes in Mr. Johnson's personal library were of general interest and transferred to the University of Louisville Libraries while other volumes were cataloged for the reference holdings of the University Archives and Records Center.

There was an older numbering system for the plaques that is reflected in the Johnson numerical index. However, at some point the numbering system was changed by the family and that ordering system has been retained. There were files in several boxes that only had names, numbers, or nothing at all written on them. Those files that had numbers were filed in the Indexed Files Subseries I: A subseries and the ones only with names or nothing at all were placed in the Unnumbered Subseries I: B subseries.

The Biographical and Topical file series, by far the largest, is wide and varied. The series contains personal correspondence with family and friends, family history, letters, greeting cards, invitations, event programs, and news clippings from local and national publications. He married Emma Andrews. Sparks was born April 3, , and died while quite young. Sparks was born April 24, She married Perry O. Sparks was born October 31, , in Morgan County, Illinois. New, a justice of the peace. Theirs was the second marriage performed in Jasper County. Jesse Hammer was married four times, the marriage to Margaret W.

Sparks being the second one. Jesse died on September 2, , at Richland, Iowa. They had six children. She died in infancy. Hammer was born January 26, He married Mary Emma Dooley on October 22, , and they had at least one child, Hammer, Jr. Marion R. Hammer, Sr. He died in He married Phoebe Minthorn , a sister of Huldah Minthorn. After the death of his parents, Herbert Hoover lived for awhile with his aunt and uncle, Samuel and Phoebe Hammer , and he accompanied them when they moved to California. Samuel Hammer died in She married Lewis Guthrie and they had two children.

Martha Ellen died in Guthrie After the death of her mother, she lived with her maternal grandparents, John and Elizabeth Sparks. She died at Winfield, Kansas. Sparks was born November 5, , probably in Morgan County, Illinois. When the Civil War broke out, he enlisted in the 5th Regiment Iowa Infantry in July and served until his death three years later in the Andersonville Georgia Prison on July 9, He is buried in Grave at that site. See the abstract of the pension file for his service in the March issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. Matthew and Martha Starr Sparks were the parents of three children: Sparks was born December 26, Sparks was born November 2, He was born at Brimfield, Mass.

She died on January 17, Her husband died on April 10, They were the parents of at least eight children.

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We have not learned the order of birth of the last five of them. Sherman was born ca. On October 11, , she married H. Gove , a son of Sabine and Harriet Kendle Gove. On March 11, , she married T. Sherman was born March 23, and died in On December 23, , he married Anna L. Shoop , daughter of William H. Hiles Shoop. Sherman was born after He married Amy J. Sherman was born December 21, and died in Sherman was born April 10, , and died in He married Dora Patterson.

Sherman was born July 12, , and he died in He married Ella Andreas on October 10, Sherman was born November 1, , and he died in He married Clara Mae Forsythe on January 10, Peninah and Thomas Sherman both died in Jasper County.

He died in and she died in He enlisted in the 5th Regiment Iowa Infantry in July and served until his death on September 1, , apparently in the Andersonville Georgia Prison. Bottom row, from the viewer's left to right: Lavern Sparks born ; Albert Sparks born ; and Glenn Howell born Following his marriage, John Barry Sparks lived for a few years on his father's farm, but ca. Then, after the death of his father in , he bought out the other heirs and moved back to the old homeplace where he engaged in mixed farming and stock raising.

He and his wife were members of the Methodist Protestant Church. He was a member of the Lynnville Masonic Lodge and in politics he was a Republican. He died on May 3, , in Jasper County; his wife died there on June 8, They were the parents of six children. She married Joseph A. Burnham and they had one child, a daughter. She married A. Howell ; they had a son and a daughter. She was born May 31, , and she died on December 6, They had seven children: She married Hugh Lawton Bushong on December 8, He was born January 14, , and he died on January 20 They had two daughters.

Sparks was born August 25, , and died on February 22, She married Marion R. She died on May 10, He was a grandson of Orphia's aunt, Margaret Sparks Hammer. Sparks She married Andrew E. Noble on May 19, , in Jasper County. They had two children, a son and a daughter. She was born July 5, , and was a daughter of Andrew and Nancy Butrum. Samuel and Sarah were the parents of five children: She married Fred Krohn and they had one child, a daughter, Sparks , Sparks , and Sparks was born December 12, , and died on March 17, Nancy and Jordan lived on Red Lick Creek where, in , they had four children: England was born ca.

She was over the age of 21 and it was her first marriage. The bondsman was William A.

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Romines was born August 10, She married William A. Reece ca. He was born ca. They had at least five children On December 29, , she married Daniel T. England in Adair County, KY. She was 17 years old and he was Polly and Daniel lived at Breeding, KY, where they had at least eight children: England was born April 11, Undoubtedly there were other children. Sparks was born March 27, Witnesses were M. England and S. Jeremiah was a farmer on Leatherwood Creek. He and Sirena were members of the Chestnut Grove Christian Church and they are buried in the church cemetery. She died on December 30, , and he died on July 11, They were parents of at least seven children.

On October 16, , he married Sallie E. Petty in Adair County, KY. He said he was 22 years of age and that he was born in Washington County, KY. She was 18 years of age. On August 21, , she married George O. Reece in Adair County, KY. He was 20 years old and his father, J. Reece, gave his consent. She was They were married at the home of her father, J. He married Lou Ann England ca. Stephen and Lou Ann had eight children: He married Della Roach. Jerry and Della had one child, She married Ervin Sparks , and they had two children, both of whom died young. He married lone Johnson and they had two children:.

Oleta died when she was quite young.


She married Stoney Witt , and they had four children:. Witt Smith , and they had three children:. She married Byron Nance. They had four children:. She was 18 and he was 19 years of age. She gave her age as 20 and he gave his age as In April , he enlisted in the 2nd Regiment KY. Light Artillery and served until November He died on September 1, Sparks born ca.

Rachel Janes Sparks , wife of Her uncle, Spencer Janes, performed the wedding ceremony. Sparks , daughter of Jeremiah and Jane Janes Sparks, was born ca. Sparks , was born ca. He married Loumira A. He gave his age as 21 and Loumira said that she was Jeremiah M. Sparks was the bondsman. Correction Note: He was a son of John R. On November 20, , her father gave his consent for her to marry Samuel Rose. They were married by Elijah King. They did not appear on the census and probably moved away.

Descendants say that the initial "M" stood for Milton. He left Adair County ca. Sparks , and went to Morgan County, Illinois. There, on September 26, , he married Sarah "Sally" E. Truelove and Sally Sparks lived on a farm on Indian Creek in Morgan County when their first child was born in , but ca. Here, Truelove and Sally Sparks farmed and reared a family of twelve children, nine of whom attained maturity. Sparks was born August 28, , in Morgan County, Illinois, and accompanied his parents to Iowa while still a small boy.

To this marriage two children were born: Sparks born in October , died at the age of two years. Stephen and Rebecca Sparks lived on a acre farm in Lynn Grove Township where he bought and shipped cattle to Chicago on an extensive scale; he became known as one of the leading stockmen in central Iowa. Sparks joined the Masons at Camp Polk, Iowa, in He is also a member of the Grand Army of the Republic. In politics he stands for the best interests of the county regardless of party. He served 22 years as road supervisor and 20 years as school director, his long service in these positions being sufficient evidence of his high standing in his home community Sparks was born May 20, He was living in Grinnell, Iowa, in Sparks was born May 30, Hawkett of Grinnell, Iowa.

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He was a carpenter. Sparks was born May 11, He was living on his parents' farm in Sparks was born November 15, and died in He was living at Sturgis, South Dakota, in She married Moses Van Gorkum on August 16, Sparks was born July 28, , and died on October 11, She married Marshall Meredith on December 13, Sparks was born August 18, , and died on November 29, He married Minnie J.

Shepherd on July 8, Sparks was born February 11, , and died on September 11, She married William Shepherd on September 21, He was a brother of Minnie J. Shepherd and was born in Indiana ca. Sparks was born July 12, , and died on February 11, Sparks was born March 16, , and died on April 4, He married Ella White on November 14, Sparks was born August 11, , and died on May 21, On November 4, , she married Boston A. Turner , son of Walter and Martha R. Simms Turner.

Sparks was born June 24, , and died in April Sparks was born October 7, , and died on May 27, He married Hester Katherine Shaffer on February 22, She was born May 9, , and died on March 18, Sparks was born November 28, , and died on November 24, He married first Ida Mae Beason on July 17, , and they had one child, a son.

She died on August 23, She was born March 25, , and died on February 27, Sparks was born January 17, , and died on December 14, Sparks was born December 17, , and died in November Sparks was born November 14, , and died on September 10, Sparks was born March 11, , in Morgan County, Illinois. On October 22, , he enlisted in the 4th Regiment Iowa Cavalry and served until he was discharged in Dec, She was born in Highland County, Chio, in When the Jasper County census was taken, Harrison Rayborn, age 56 born in Ohio, was living with Jeremiah and Sally; he may have been Sally's father.

At least two children were born to this union perhaps there were others. Jeremiah Sparks died on June 29, Sparks was born 18 December She married Benajah "Ben" Corson on July 15, She married John Potter on October 11, Sparks was born 8 February , in Lee County, Iowa. On October 3, , he enlisted in the 10th Regiment Iowa Infantry and served until he was mustered out on August 15, See the abstract of his pension file in the June issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. After leaving the service, George married Amanda J.

Butram or Berthram can August 29, , by the Rev. Elisha Flaugh, a Methodist minister. Amanda was born ca. To this marriage three children were born: She died in George Sparks died sometime after March 10, Sparks was born September 6, , and died in She married Lucian Butram on August 29, Sparks was born January 13, , and she died on November 14, It was the third marriage for her.

He died on December 2, , in Jasper County, Iowa. She married Smith Wooten ca. In , he married Rebecca Janes , daughter of Thomas J. She was born March 27, To this union nine children were born: He married Elizabeth Patterson in He married Clarinda Bell Glidewell. Wooten born June 18, He married first Lucinda F. England and married second Zannie Ellen Gilpin. Wooten born ca. She married Millard Janes. He was a Confederate soldier during the Civil War. Wooten was born ca. Wooten was born on January 25, He fought on the Union side during the Civil War. In , he married Mary A. England, a daughter of James and Nancy Cochran England.

They had at least three children. Matthew Wooten died on April 23, She married Jeff Dials. He married Barbara MNU. She married David Moneyham. She married Ben Franklin. On June 5, , she married William Roberts. Her father gave his consent and the marriage was performed by her uncle, Spencer Jones. Webmaster Note : this may be Matthew R. Sparks , discussed in Whole Number Her father gave his consent and the marriage was performed by her uncle, Spencer Janes M.

Her father gave his consent and the marriage was performed by her uncle, Spencer Janes. Her father gave his consent and the marriage was performed by Jeremiah Abell.

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Lazarus and Sarah Sparks Jesse appeared on the and censuses of Adair County, but they did not appear on the census. According to the census records of and , they were the parents of ten children, six sons and four daughters, all born between and We have not learned any of their names. Editor's note: This is a continuation of the article begun in the March issue of the Quarterly.

In that issue, we presented a brief sketch of the life of William Sparks born ca. Prior to coming to Kentucky ca. He was born in North Carolina ca. We have found few official records of Polly and Nathaniel. They were living by themselves when the census was taken of Adair County. Nathaniel described himself as a farmer and said that he was 64 years old; Polly was On December 15, , Polly, along with certain other heirs of England , Cape Coral, Florida, has collected data about this family for many years and has agreed to share these with us.

According to him, Polly and Nathaniel had thirteen children, all of whom attained maturity. He married Nancy Fulmer ca. They had at least ten children, but only the youngest five have been identified. The five oldest children were born between and The others were: The census of that county lists him with his wife, Rhoda , age 30, and two daughters:. The disparities of the ages of these children and his wife indicates that Rhoda was not his first wife, and there may have been other children of whom we have no record. He married Nancy MNU born ca. England born ca. With them were the following children: England , son of Polly and Nathaniel, was born ca.

He married Eda Cochrane in in Green Co. We have no further information about them. John and Elizabeth had three children: She married John McNeeley ca. McNeeley was born ca. He is said to have been killed during the Civil War while serving in the Union Army. She married James James. She married John England. After the death of her husband, John McNeeley, To this union two children were born before Mary Ann's death in Named as his parents were William and Elizabeth Cochran Sparks. They were married on July 19, The license was issued to William Sparks and Elizabeth Cochran.

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