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Sailor moon Musical: il titolo ufficiale e la prima foto! Sailor Moon - Schauspieler der neuen Musical-Adaption in Moon Crisis Make Up! How Chiaki Kon Saved Sailor Moon Crystal Sailor Moon Crystal premiered last year to a lot of excitement, but the hype train soon ground to an unceremonious halt thanks to the show's Something has to give, and it turns out it's Seiya.

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Unwilling to see Usagi Sailor Moon : annunciata una nuova figure di Chibiusa e Pegasus! Il nuovo modellino La chanteuse est une adepte des tatouages et on en compte pas moins d'une vingtaine New Sailor Moon cafe menu items coming to Tokyo, plus line of The company's crossover spirit has also manifested itself in collaborations with hit anime Sailor Moon. Following up on last year's Sailor The Chibiusa Cafe, Tokyo's newest Sailor Moon themed restaurant Chibiusa, also known as Sailor Chibi Moon, is easily the most polarizing character in the cast of hit anime and manga franchise Sailor Moon.

Not too unexpected for Sailor Moon , and mostly a welcome change. Somewhat less Sailor Moon x Isetan Event is the collaboration of our dreams In the latest collaborative project for the anime and manga franchise Sailor Moon and Japanese department store Isetan are working with They head to the 60th floor to take on Sailor Moon Crystal: Season III 35 As the song goes, the darkest hour is just before dawn, and for Sailor Moon Crystal , that hour seems to be now — this week's episode opens Fans of the series can see it Sailor Moon : arrivano i calzini ispirati all'anime!

I calzini possono essere ordinati Are they thematically consistent with Sailor Moon canon? Reply 2.

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The musical is set to Sailor Moon - Ausstellung knackt Die Ausstellung bietet neben Figuren und Bilder The other 3-ish Meanwhile, a college student named Setsuna Melee intro is awesome, creative, and nightmare fuel. I'd much rather race gleefully through my final Sailor Moon season than lope impartially Among those stand-out Zuletzt aktualisiert am 9. Set 1 - The Dark Kingdom arc, with episodes , will Sailor Moon Crystal: Season III 29 The other improvements to Sailor Moon Crystal , however, do suggest that more thought in general has gone into this, so a few weird moments Sailor Moon : ti ricordi tutte le guerriere Sailor?

Impossibile dimenticare le Registering is free, easy, and private. Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and Karena di Tokyo sedang ada kafe yang bertema Sailor Moon Und Sailor Moon -Fans bekommen viel geboten, They're scheduled We got a sneak peek at the stellar Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Perhaps you wished for special advanced passes so you could bask in all the Sailor Moon memorabilia without people from the general public Juni erscheinen, um damit den Sono le Guerriere Sailor If you do Mulai 16 April mendatang, akan digelar pameran bertema Sailor Moon is now near you, well that is if you're based in Tokyo.

According to a Japanese fashion magazine bundles cute Sailor Moon freebies with As lovely as the items featured in the previous Sailor Moon and Anna Sui collaboration, or the one currently going on at Isetan are, for many of Sailor Moon , battuto all'asta un cel di Sailor Mars Ora vi segnaliamo un'asta simile, sempre battuta sul sito della catena di negozi dell'usato Mandarake, riguardante l'anime di Sailor Moon degli Ternyata, di Jepang The direction of the episode references the original classic counterpart that Alrea enjoyed more, along This week, the hosts pretty much agree that they enjoyed this episode a lot.

Along with their thoughts on it, they discuss what didn't like about Chibi Usa's character design. Mako-chan goes on a tangent about the new Sailor Moon This week, the hosts point out the missing brooch, along with changes in the opening. What happened to the size of the cutie moon rod? Minor update to changes in the senshi transformations, and who is Mamoru's kouhai? Is there This week, the hosts discuss and compare pacing and character development of Sailor Moon Crystal to Madoka Magicka.

Also, the high level of people complaining about this episode over social media. And is Naoko really involved in the series? The hosts sit around discuss what was wrong with this episode, and why they're were let down so much. Also, deep discussion about merchandising too! The episode is darker, much closer to the manga, predictions of a major battle with generals New music to get the A very special episode of The Crystal Chronicles! Find out if Seiya's predictions came true or not. The senshis and the generals Is it now canon?! This week, the hosts have mixed reactions about Act 9.

Some loved the episode, others felt it was rushed. What was missing? Was anything missing?

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Also, this episode is compared to the live action PGSM. Talk of the upcoming toys The hosts discuss Artemis's new voice, the changes in the show, focusing more on Sailor Moon. Also, what happened to the personalities of the The hosts discuss the more in depth personality of Mamoru Chiba, comparing his character between the new and old anime. Slighty more discrepancies with the animation, and how the series is starting to go into own universe too.

The crew gathers around and discuss this Tuxedo Kamen filled episode, and again, more controversy with the kiss. Also, the new changes to the intro sequence too! Alkrea returns this week as the hosts re-record episode five. The cast discuss the differences, but yet the similarities of how Makoto and Usagi met. Also, how Sailor Moon Crystal is starting to pull away from the manga and go This week, the hosts along with special guest Alkrea Cosplay, discuss the animated quality, comparing between the original anime and PGSM.

Also brought up is the love between Naru and Nephrite, and the controversy about the stolen kiss. Except he's not. He is Hugo Zehren, a fellow student with a life of his own and a troubling past to boot. Together with the appearance of the foreboding "Phantom", Ami is left to uncover whether Hugo is as innocent as he appears. I bet i can be a mother by ArtemisaDayz reviews This set when Rini is in Serena room looking for the crystal. Rini being a six years old told Serena who her mother is.

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This shocks Serena and she wants to get to the bottom of it. Mostly in Serena's POV but maybe others too. In Fate's Hands by Badwolfrise reviews When Usagi's tiara gets burned in a previous battle and she transforms, Luna notices a symbol on Usagi's forehead that changes everything! Now Usagi and Luna must hide her identity until they can get their hands on the silver crystal! But who is the Prince she keeps seeing in her dreams? And why can't she suddenly keep her hands off Mamoru! Complications arise. Complications ensue but all are forgotten when the Senshi realize the cabin they're staying in is also harboring some pretty angry ghosts Cardinal King: Arc Two by Kyralih reviews After defeating their first enemy and saving the world, all Mamoru and his friends want to do is to relax and get back to their normal lives, but when a mysterious kid shows up at Mamoru's apartment, giving him weird psychometric visions of an apocalypse, those hopes are quickly dashed.

Can they get to the bottom of the mystery before it's too late? Invisible Wounds by Kasienda reviews Between the first year of med school, a new enemy who defies all logic, and a mysterious epidemic plaguing the population, Ami is struggling to maintain balance. Worst of all, there's an obnoxious insufferable know it all international third year resident with an irrational fear of commitment, leadership, and sailor senshi of all things, that is suspicious of her disappearances.

It gets strange enough that Serena is transported back in time to the past because She has to remember her past with Prince Endymion. All characters are accounted for. The Boy Next Door by Antigone2 reviews Usagi gets the taste of the city single life, including staying in a fancy apartment rent free. What could possibly - possibly - go wrong? Please Don't Cry by PazaakGirl reviews She was three when she and her closest friend met a boy in the hospital.

He was six when he became an orphan before being adopted into a loving family. They were best friends their whole lives. Until lives needed saving, and feelings began to change. AU Mamoru and Usagi have been married for a year, when one day Usagi rescues a black cat and is confronted with the reality that she is Sailor Moon. That same night, as she transforms, Mamoru feels the pull for the first time.

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  6. They're both late for their anniversary dinner, and both feeling guilty about thoughts of the other superhero. What will they do?

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    Starlight Destiny by Maeve Morgan reviews When the world is plunged into darkness, what do you need to fight it? Ten years after the battle with Galaxia, agents of Chaos appear and if they hope to survive, the Senshi will need the help of a few old friends. Destiny and Its Greatest Battle by chaosandcosmos reviews With Earth at stake, what if King Endymion did more than send nightmares to the past to test the strength of Mamoru's and Usagi's love? With a princess struggling to cope with her own destiny, how will this affect the break up arc and how will this alter the Senshi and the planet's future?

    No Promises by Queen Risa reviews "Seven promises in seven different moments. A twist in time by Beej88 reviews "I'm going to send you back to the beginning. When Serenity-Usagi- first became Sailor Moon in this life. This time you are going to remember everything. Listen to me carefully Endymion, this is very important, you need to save your Shitennou this time.

    It is imperative that you do so. Time travel and epic romance. Aureate Mirages by lovelytunes reviews Minako, the lone defender of love The morning star who has always been struggling with her fate But is something awaiting her discovery on the other side of the clouds? How would that effect her when her memories from the Moon returned?

    A Second Chance by Serena reviews Serena gets seriously injured by the enemy; Darien blames himself for not being there in time to protect her. He comes to the realization that even though they loved each other in a past life, they don't really know each other in this life. It hasn't been easy and things grow confusing when some of the people in her past come back into her life causing a cascade of events to unfold, including problems for her father.

    Her new duties include becoming the next queen, helping find an inheritor of the Golden Crystal, helping her guardians train, and finding love. Remembrance by RachelItIs reviews "You don't remember? How unfair. Unfair to her. What will happen if Amara discovered that she is pregnant, and move to New York with her unknown cousin.

    [Crystal vs Original] Introduction of Sailor Pluto

    Find out! Tender affections by DarkPheonix reviews Chibiusa and Usagi often clashed in their opinions but loved each other more than anything in the world. Usagi was protective and loving; Chibiusa was clingy and bratty; but both were strong and courageous. Fire and Ice by CaseyBear reviews Rei and Jadeite have reunited after being separated in their past lives, but rekindling their romance won't be easy.

    Will they be up to the task? Memory Trap by vinterthunder reviews What will happen when the Senshi and Shitennou meet each other again? But this time only one of them have the complete memory of the past. What happens when a woman in an abusive relationship escapes reality and becomes Sailor Moon? Nine Months by mamon reviews Darien and Serena meet again after 8 years. A month later she has big news for him. In a city where their respective careers prevents them from having any form for connection, the two of them have to deal with the idea of having a child together and its consequences.

    Magic Touch by mamon reviews Seeing Odango Atama after 8 years and now working together with her in the hospital, Mamoru thinks there might be more to Usagi Tsukino than meets the eye. New Beginnings by StarryNight reviews Usagi thought that defeating Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom was the hardest thing she would ever have to do.

    But when a new enemy shows up, Mamoru starts acting strangely, peculiar new Senshi arrive, and some mysterious old foes return, she begins to realize she may be in over her head. Set during season 2, with a twist. Sequel to Changes, but can act as a standalone story. The truth about Usagi Being rewritten by Kittykat reviews Usagi keeps a secret from her friends, but when those friends, apart from Ami, turn against her. She and Ami run away to America only to have a somewhat pleasant surprise waiting for her there.

    Don't read past the rewritten, it's quite disappointing. Secret Untold by Meganhana08 reviews Two years after the battle with Galaxia and Chaos, Usagi and her friends are in their last year of high school. Their semi quiet life is shaken when Queen Serenity comes with news of a new enemy, but Queen Serenity also tells Usagi a secret that was kept since the Moon Kingdom. River of Golden Fire by redbutterfly reviews Two leaders with the same agenda, accomplished in different spheres. Kunzite is determined to protect his master, but when he meets the beautiful Sailor Venus he can't seem to look away.

    Follow the story of the two lead guardians from the past to the future, Silver Millennium to Crystal Tokyo. And We Danced by Masamune Uchiha reviews Makoto goes back to the club after it closes to find her missing purse. The bartender Nephrite has the purse but will only give it back on one condition. And they danced. Sailor Moon M Miracle Cancelled Read my profile by legoboy20 reviews 2 years after defeating Sailor Galaxia and Chaos, Usagi Tsukino is finally getting to live a normal life again, but how long can the peace last, when Chibiusa and the Sailor Quartet come to the past, followed by a new enemy?

    Every time he offers a suggestion during a photo-shoot, Minako glares back at him. Neither have had a relationship in some time. Of course their friends want to see them get together. Can Minako keep quiet for two minutes for anything romantic to happen? Set during the First Season, Usagi takes a wrong step during the clock store fight, temporarily aging older instead of younger, one wrong step that could change everything.

    Starlight by IrishMoonPrincess91 reviews If you had the chance to fix your mistakes, would you take it? I had that chance. Follow me as I relive the best days of my life and try to fix the wrongs I'd done. Oh boy, were they wrong. What will happen when Usagi, Rei, Minako, Ami, and Makoto are returned to their childhood forms, unaware of their senshi identity and lives lived? Will everyone find happiness or will it change everything they thought that they knew.

    Soon by bashfulglowfly reviews An Era is beginning to end and the Senshi and Shitennou prepare themselves. Sequel to Broken. Will their friends, acting in Santa's stead, be able to give them a Christmas miracle? Apparently neither can her talking cat, Artemis. But when he wishes upon a star to become human and comfort his lonely friend, a new and exciting adventure begins as the two grow closer throughout their times spent together.

    But will this relationship blossom into something more than just friendship?

    Cruel Summer by angfdz reviews Finding herself suddenly alone, Usagi moves to Tokyo where she has to attend a new high school. Although she quickly finds friends, she can't help feeling that they know something about her that she doesn't. Even weirder, the reclusive school bad boy, Mamoru Chiba, seems to have taken a particular interest in her.

    Usagi isn't sure how she's going to survive this year. Her best friends feel it's time move on and start meeting new guys. Can this new guy they have introduced her to can heal her broken heart. And love once again. Spring by Kunzite reviews Nostalgia. Why does a man know the Senshi of Love so well?

    Which "Sailor Moon" Character Are You?

    The grace in her fighting tactics, the perfection of her looks, his attraction to her Growing to love someone for this man, is best depicted in his favorite season, Spring. A Minako and Kunzite Story. Winter by Kunzite reviews It's a mystery why winter is so special to Ami. She figures out her unlocked memories from the past hold the answers, but does she truly want to know the answer? An Ami and Zoisite story.

    Aspects Of Love by micatite reviews Just a place to put my little romantic oneshot ficlets and drabbles. A celebration of love and life. The rating has gone up. Give your heart a break by LaydiiV reviews Kunzite lost a love seven years ago due to his stupid actions. Now that she is back in his life, will he make the same mistake again? To her surprise shes taken in by people claiming to be knights meant to protect her.

    But, when something begins happening in Japan again it's up to Usagi, the knights, and a few surprises to save the Senshi and the day. This is a Reboot of Serenity's Knights. Tempuras Fengari by SpaceSword16 reviews Long ago queen serenity sent all the sailor senshi, Her daughter the prince of earth and his shittenou to the future all except one sailor Pluto. Usagi's Struggles by Serena reviews Usagi's not good at being Sailor Moon, but she's trying her hardest.

    Her friends are getting tired of her lack of fighting ability and klutzy moments, but they will soon learn that you can't judge a book by its cover. Heaven Only Knows by FieryArtemis reviews Four teenagers, all from very different parts of the world, find themselves inexplicably drawn to scenic Tokyo Tower on the same day. These same four teenagers are about to remember a shared history from long ago and a connection they hadn't even realized was missing.

    Nephlite decides to help the Sailor Scouts fight Beryl and in the process, he discovers a past that has long been repressed. Contains some fanon and a shout-out to those who see their ideas in the story. Thinking that she has won, Sailor Moon and the Outer Senshi go back in time to save their friends.